Tesla Model 3

Photo credit: http://www.netcarshow.com

It would come as no surprise that my first blog is about cars. But not just any car but a Tesla Model 3. This latest product offering comes from Tesla Motors based in the United States. The company is co-founded by is a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, engineer, inventor and investor by the name of Elon Musk who also serves the company’s CEO and Product Architect.

A Tesla Model 3 follows on the success of the previous offerings by Tesla Motors. The first production car was Tesla Roadster which was an all-electric sports car, the second was Model S a sedan and Tesla Model X which was full-size crossover SUV.

The reason the Tesla Model 3 deserves a special mention is that it pushes the boundaries of what we have always believed about electric cars from its looks to its performance figures. It’s not like we haven’t had electric cars with hybrid systems before. We have had the Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf and perhaps the special ones was from BMW being the BMW i8 and the BMW i3 with designs that look like cars from space. And maybe my favourite was from Mercedes-AMG SLS Electric Drive.

The Tesla Model 3 promises to have performance figures that have never been imagined for electric cars.

  • The Model 3 promises to have a range of at least 215 miles per charge.
  • Acceleration from zero 60 mph under 6 seconds
  • Seating for 5 adults
  • Designed to achieve 5-Star Safety Rating

And for the first time in history South Africans can own their very own Tesla Model 3.

The Model 3 will cost $35 000 and you can reserve yours for a $1000 refundable deposit and you can expect to take delivery of your car in three years’ time…Personally I think it’s worth the wait…

As at 7 April 2016 a week after the launch the company had received 325 000 reservations.

If there was ever an opportunity to drive an all-electric car that has performance figures that even petrol cars can’t match this is it…

Photo credit: http://www.netcarshow.com

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