Aston Martin

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 Power, Beauty, Soul

Almost a decade ago when I started working at a leading private bank in South Africa there was one car that summed up all of my dreams and ambitions. That one car was an Aston Martin. Not just any Aston Martin but an Aston Martin DBS. Never in my life had seen such a beautiful masterpiece. I must have spent many hours day dreaming of what it must be like to be inside such a car let alone owning one.

I must have spent countless hours reading online brochures and downloading wallpapers for use as desktop backgrounds and screensavers. There were moments where I would drive home past the Aston Martin dealership on Rivonia and I would slow down just to catch a glimpse of my dream car. I use to look at the Aston Martin dealerships as places where only a special few are worthy of setting foot in there almost like it’s a sacred place…

In the midst of most beautiful moments of daydreaming about owning an exclusive luxury sports car is the realisation that it can only be a dream. Almost all of these sports cars cost a few millions and maybe the two ways of ever owning would be if one won the lottery or inheriting a fortune from a rich uncle I’ve never even heard about or ever met.

Fast forward many years later it’s unbelievable to think that a sports car that once cost millions when it was first delivered to that special client can now be bought for the same price as a luxury sedan. A visit to either one of the popular dealerships for a brand new Mercedes Benz C Class , BMW 3 Series or an Audi A4 with options will cost you between R500 000,00-R700 000,00.

A search on one of the popular used car website will reveal that you are now able to buy an Aston Martin V8 Vantage with less than 38 000km on the clock for less than R700 000,00.

A visit to Porsche Centre Johannesburg revealed that a 2011 Porsche Panamera with less than 60 000 km can be bought for less than R600 000,00. As great that may sound for someone who dreams of owning a Porsche but without deep pockets.

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An informal chat with the friendly salesman revealed that there’s a limitation on how long can a factory maintenance plan can be extended. It turns out that the maintenance plan can only be extended to 9 nine years. So why the reluctance to extend it beyond the 9 years.

That brings the next question why is not everyone rushing to clinch such deals that are on offer? The reason is that there’s more to owning a car then the monthly repayments. So what is the real cost of owning luxury sports car?

The following are examples of the costs that are associated with owning a sports car

  • The extra ordinary fuel bill due to the car being a performance car
  • The extra ordinary insurance due to the cost of repairs or replacement in the event of an accident
  • The cost of replacing the sport car tyre cost more than a monthly instalment on a small hatchback
  • The cost of big mechanical items is enough to buy a small entry level car

If you are able to get comfortable with the cost associated with owning a sports car and you are more than determined to make your dream car a reality I say go for it…

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