Mercedes C63AMG – BMW M3

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Can the love of cars propel one’s life to Greatness?

In beginning of 2003 when I first arrived in Johannesburg I had a different view of what success meant and I had the sort of ambition that would have made a few people around me uncomfortable.

It was the sort of ambition that was not tested by life. Failure and disappointments had not been a part of my life. Truth is I have always been a dreamer. Even when I was sitting in my little hut with cow dung covering the floor and the grass being covered by grass.

I have always had a dream that I would do great things with my life and I still hold that belief to this day. Due to the fact that I enjoyed Accounting I assumed that naturally I should become a Chartered Accountant so a BCom Accounting seemed like a natural choice.

One of the Commercial Law lecturers drove a Silver BMW M3. Little was known of him but we all admired him, we had heard that he was a big shot lawyer working for one of the big law firms in Sandton. The thing that made us admire him more was the talk that he had a humble beginning and that he made a success of his life despite his background and today he’s now a founding director of his own successful law firm.

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My love for cars and combined with my love for Accounting made me very aware that if I’m gonna have that car I had to be the best at what I do because of the price tag on such a car.

Amazingly enough life has taken me to a career I had never heard about while in the village. Its hard to believe that overtime I have had the privilege of working for almost last 10 years for three of the biggest banks in South Africa with presence overseas as a Compliance Professional and to think that now I’m  studying towards becoming a lawyer my life is in the process of going full circle.

To this day the 2001 BMW M3 holds a special place in my heart. Even though BMW has released two models after that one my love remains unshaken.

Fast forward many years latter I am on the other side of the German fence. Having had the blessing of having owned two Mercedes Benz I have a devotion to the brand that cannot even be explained in words. My Social pages are constantly flooded with the slogan from Mercedes Benz…#TheBestOrNothing.

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The Mercedes C63AMG has defined my ambition for the last three years. The dream to own one has now become a goal that I’m looking forward to achieving. With the price tag being over R 1 million rand I’m very much aware of what it will take for me to have one.

I’ll need to be at the top of my game…The best at everything that I do and that is a challenge I have accepted and It will one day become a reality…

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One thought on “Mercedes C63AMG – BMW M3

  1. Inspiring read one can say. Greatness is up for grabs and as you very well quoted from the Merc slogan “The best or nothing”! Keep aspiring for greatness.

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