This morning a conversation with a colleague reminded me of one of my greatest beliefs in life. I’m one person who prides himself with an ability to plan ahead for  everything about my life. To this day even though I am very conscious of the fact that this has the potential to become a weakness as we live in a world where nothing even comes close to perfection. I might not necessary follow through on whatever I had planned but I find living life without a plan to be equivalent to living a life without a purpose.

Sometimes we plan a lot of things relating to our lives from our lives. We often don’t take into account the possibility that things don’t always go as we plan them be. Even if we do we don’t prepare ourselves for the “what ifs”. One can argue that maybe that’s a sign of our conviction and confidence on what we hope for.

As I reflect about where I thought I will be in my life 15 years ago I realize that a lot of things didn’t go as I had thought they would. Some of the things that I had to go through in the years of 2004 to 2006 I never prepared for. What happened in my life in those years threatened everything that I thought the future held for me. I remember waking up every morning with hope and had to go to bed in the evening with despair. And to remember that I had to g through that everyday consistently for months. I hope one day I will share on what happened in that time of my life…

To this day I still have no idea on where the strength came from. I never thought I had it in me to persevere for such a long time. To wake up everyday with a renewed hope that today will be different. To dare to hope even when things looked impossible. I believe it was in this time of my life that I developed a habit of enjoying my own space and my own company. In my own space I can believe in miracles and the impossible seems very much within reach.

I have come to appreciate the fact that even though I might plan everything about my life, My success will not come out of the strength of my own planning but in my ability to react when things do not go according to my plan. All of us will go through tough times but in these moments we need to learn to hope again, dream again…and rise above our circumstances because life does not stop because we didn’t get what we wanted…

If I look at my life today I can say it with certainty that most of the things I had planned came out as I had hoped for but I’m very proud of what I have achieved regardless of the challenges I had to encounter along the way.

With the same heart I look forward to what the future holds as I will keep on making the best of whatever life brings my way…


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