More recently I decided to take a bold step of faith towards a dream. When I first thought of the idea all seemed a bit out of the ordinary Indeed it was I had never done this before and I never had to, however I understood that if I’m gonna rise to the next level of my  life I will need to do things differently, do things I’ve never done before. 

For a moment I felt lost and out of place, it was after all unchartered territory. I was reminded of the words one of my great friends and brothers always quotes from one of our favourite movies Faith Like Potatoes where one of the characters says There’s a thin line between Faith and Foolishness.” 

Sometimes my heart is overwhelmed by thoughts of the threat of failure.I’ve come to accept that a chance exists that things might not work out as I  hope they do. But the threat will not stop me from believing… from hoping in the future that I want… Because ultimately a threat is all that it is…just a threat with no reflection of my reality. 

I’ll continue to take the step, I’ll continue to make declarations of the life that I hope for… I’ll continue to believe in my hopes and dreams until they become a reality. It’s either I do that or I accept the reality of the life I have now with no hope ever seeing a change. 

I will do this even if I don’t feel excited about it because life is not lived by only chasing excitements. If all of us lived our lives based on how we feel nothing would ever be done. 

I know fatigue will set at some point, Here’s reminder to myself in advance is that I need to be relentless. I cannot stop just because it doesn’t look like it’s working or what I’m doing has no effect. My actions will not be determined by what I see but by my convictions.This is my new journey and my faith will my guiding light… 


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