This year marks the tenth year in formal Corporate South Africa, I can still remember first day when I set foot in an organisation that I had only read about in a career guidance book called Rainbow while still in high school. 

That book was what Google is today. Everything an inquisitive village mind needed could be found in that small booklet. I cant help but wonder if it is still in print today and what role it would play in today’s world. A world where information is at our fingertips.

In my short career I have had the grace to work for three banking groups in South Africa that have contributed to my career and I have also met life long friends that have and continue to impact who I am as a person and how I see the world. 

I’ve learned that investing in skills that can be applied across different industries can be the most rewarding thing one can ever do. The concept of never settling rings to mind. Over the years across different sectors I’ve witnessed circumstances where people with a skill set that can easily become redundant become candidates for redeployment to undesirable positions and at worst candidates for retrenchments.

Whatever you do don’t become that person.

It’s an open secret that the world where we use to work for the same employer in the same role for the rest of working life is long gone but that doesn’t mean we need to start moving around just for the sake of it. We need to take ownership of careers and destinies. Make moves only because they are part of a bigger strategy and plan. 

We need to start showing maturity in how we handle conversations with recruitment agencies.A good recruiter can be the best ally to have and a worse one can keep you frustrated in a career with no sense of direction sometimes at mercy of the of chasing rands and cents.

Rands and cents are not the problem but everything has its place. If a career is planned appropriately the rands and cents should sort themselves accordingly. 

We need to learn to operate at a level where we become masters of own careers rather than waiting for circumstances to determine our next move. We need to invest time to understand ourselves.Our interests and passions may have changed. 

The world is changing around us. It would be foolish for us not to take time to reflect on where we are and where we are going. Plan your career for the future you want now not for the future you wanted twenty years ago. Assess your strengths and weaknesses and work at it. A fulfilling career won’t happen on its own.

It will require us to play our part. Sacrifices will need to be made. Sleepless nights might need to become our daily bread.It may be painful and hard but it will be worth it in the end. 

There’s a whole new world out there and it is waiting on us  and the time has arrived for us to Step up and take it. 


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