Are you a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT? 

This article has taken longer than I expected to complete. Which is strange because the content is something we live with on a daily basis.

The world is very quick to define us, when we were in High School we were defined by what kind of families we come from. What positions do our parents occupy in society.

In my case the fact that I came from a village attending a school in town meant the fact that I’m a villager defined me as well.

When we got to Varsity meant the world would define you again. The way you looked, how we dressed,  the way your accent sounds was another dynamic where you would you be judged.

The world is made up of two halves. The haves and have nots. And I belong to the later. The world seems to look at your background as a way to make a prediction of where you’ll end up.

This morning I was driving behind the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and I was reminded that regardless of how brilliant the car is it still looked down compared to the usual suspects of Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 AMG, BMW X5M.

Usually in car terms the best comparison is by looking at the specifications. I could go into detail of how many kilowatts and a blow by blow account of which one has the fastest acceleration from zero to 100km per hour as well as which one has the highest top speed.

However this article is not about that, but it’s about the fact that sometimes regardless of how much you perform whether academically or in the workplace. Some people will never see your full potential because to them success has a face, sound and background and sometimes even an accent.

Regardless of how much you try you’ll never be seen the same way not because you aren’t capable enough but because you might not fit the profile.

This article is aimed at encouraging someone who sometimes feels out of place in the high paced world, who feel inadequate purely based on their background. You may not have come from the right background or been to the right schools that are always associated with brilliance.

Don’t let that stop you. Dare to be more. Dare to be best version of yourself. Work on yourself. Identify areas that you can do better in. Become your own critic become your own mentor. Your own motivational speaker.

Use your previous successes as a motivator to the take yourself to the next level. Fight against the need to fit in. The need to be accepted. Dare not to conform. Dare to stand out!!! 

Choose your own lane and define your own brilliance…


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